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GTR Episode #165: The Cure for Consumerism {Intro. to Asceticism} with Fr. Gregory Jensen

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On this epsisode: Big news! A exciting announcement about GTR. Plus, special guest, Fr. Gregory Jensen, pastor of Sts. Cyril & Methodius Ukrainian Orthodox Mission and the Eastern Orthodox chaplain at UW-Madison joins us. He shares insights from his book The Cure for Consumerism and the power of the ascetic life. 


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GTR Episode #132 Priestly Parenting

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On this episode: Special guest Melody Lyons from The Essential Mother joins us. Melody talks about parenting, why shouting and stress is so bad for us and how we can use suffering to grow.

A review of the fantastic film, Te Ata.

Listener feedback from Deanna, paying tribue to Billy Graham, and much more!


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Good Things Radio #101: Overcoming Chronic Impatience


Fr. Nathan Cromly, CSJ, is back with a Padre in Your Pocket about patience. His powerful lesson includes a history of the word "patience," common triggers that cause us to lose our patience, and techniques for building a peaceful heart. Brooke shares a new technique that includes using simple hair ties as a visual clues to stop being an angry mom. Lisa Daley shares a special announcement about a new GTR community study! Listener feedback, and much more!

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