On this episode: Part two of our two-part series on holy masculinity. Special guest Hector Molina delivers a powerful message to all people of faith, especially men. You don't want to miss this conversation. 

Find out more about Hector at his website, here. 

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On this special bonus episode: a conversation with sacred statuary artist Regina Annes.  Regina shares her passion for creating art through faith and some incredible stories from customers. Check out Regina's website, here


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On this episode: a call to stand! We look at the urgent need for Godly leaders.  Special guest Leila Miller joins Brooke for part one of a two-part series. 

Find out more about Leila Miller at her website, here. 

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On this *bonus episode: There's a reason why running is so often used as a metaphor for life. We keep going even when we're tired, lonely, hurting, and the finish line seems so far away.

There will be bad stretches.

There will also be incredible moments of glory and grace.

We can all look back and see how far we've come and how strong we are.

On today’s episode, we unpack lessons from the Burning River Ultra Endurance Race. 

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Welcome to a brand new season of The Brooke Taylor Show! On this episode: Fr. John Riccardo talks about a day of fasting and prayer for our nation on September 24. 

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On this episode: Brooke shares several exciting announcements. Plus, special guest Joelle Maryn.  In her past, Joelle modeled for well known brands such as Jergens, was on a billboard in Times Square, appeared on numerous book covers, films and news interviews and is the former Host of Trend TV.  Joelle was also the founder/CEO of a luxury line of anti-aging makeup which has been featured on NBC, VH1 and in Vanity Fair, Star and Redbook.

In 2012, she hit a spiritual rock bottom and realized she was completely empty despite these worldly accomplishments.  She had a major encounter with Jesus and in His mercy, was given another chance to love and lead others to Him.  She has served as Director of High School Youth Ministry and Confirmation and has taught Adult Faith Formation classes for several years.

Click hereto see the full interview with Brooke and Joelle on InspireWord.com.  

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On this episode: Special guest, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty talks about managing anxiety during hard times. Dr.  Kheriaty is Director of the Medical Ethics Program at UCI Health.  He serves as chairman of the medical ethics committees at UCI Hospital and at the CA Department of State Hospitals.


On this episode: Preparing for Palm Sunday and Holy Week. Accomplished chef and priest, Fr. Leo Patalinghug, talks about the "liturgy of the meal," and how the gift of cooking can teach us valuable lessons, especially during this time of crisis. 


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On the show: Celebrating our 200th episode! Thank you, GTR listeners, producer Mark Coming, and our Podbean Patrons. It is a blessing to reach this milestone!

Special guest, Fr. Donald Calloway joins Brooke on this special episode to talk about Saint Joseph. Fr. Calloway has an extraordinary conversion story. Part of his journey includes a devotion to St. Joseph.

Fr. Calloway is the author of the new book: Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father. Click here to learn more.


On this episode: Irish priest, Brother Richard Hendrick, OFM Cap, joins Brooke for a powerful conversation about the Cornovirus pandemic. Father offers ways to maintain peace through traumatic times, what to do if Holy Mass is suspended and more. Plus, a tribute to St. Patrick and a special Gaelic blessing!

You can also find the full interview on You Tube, here. 

For another show on maintaining peace, click here for the episode with Fr. Jaques Philippe. 

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