On this episode: Leila Marie Lawler and The Summa Domestica. Leila talks about her background as a secular humanist feminist and eventual conversion to Catholicism. 

Leila shares her wisdom of the role of women in the home, and how to manage burnout and depression.

The Summa Domestica is a three volume work available for pre-order, here. 

Visit Leila's blog Happy Despite them, here. 

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September 15, 2021

TBTS #233: Fr. Frank Pavone

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On this episode: Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life and Rachel's Vineyard.

1:40- The Seven Sorrows of Mary

2:30-The Queen of the Seven Swords by Fulton Sheen (Click here for full reflection)

5:50-Fr. Frank Pavone

9:30-March for Life and Walk for Life preparation

14:30-Cancel culture in the Church

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-final words of Flight 93 passenger
Todd Beamer.
On September 11, 2001, this phrase was heard like a megaphone throughout the world.
It was the trumpet call of a hero.
On this episode, the parents of Todd Beamer to share his story and to share their story of HOPE after loss.
David Beamer talks about the life of his son, Todd, as well as final moments on Flight 93 and the incredible faith that has kept them going. 
Don’t miss this special interview on the season premiere of The Brooke Taylor Show.

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Broadcasting from the Catholic Marketing Network trade show, Brooke sits down with Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers. Deacon Harold has been a fixture of Catholic evangelization for many years. On this episode, The Dynamic Deacon talks about everything from forgiveness and mercy, a personal story of healing with his father,
marriage preparation for couples, favorite books and much more. 

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Episode #231: Cathy Gilmore is spokesperson and conference coordinator for CMN -Catholic Marketing Network Momentum '21.  This premiere event is a can't-miss for anyone in ministry. Cathy gives us the full scoop.

Click here to register for the conference. 

Cheri Blomquist is the author of Before Austen Comes Aesop: The Children's Great Books and How to Experience Them. Her website is http://www.onceuponapen.studio/

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On this episode: Dr. Marie Hilliard, MS, MA, JCL, PhD, RN, DM.

Dr. Hilliard is a Senior Fellow at the National Catholic Bioethics Center.
Click here for the official site of the NCBC.
Click here for the Children of God for Life website. 
Click here for the seminar written by Dr. Marie Hillard on Recognizing the Gifts While Assuring Access to the Sacraments by Persons with Disabilities.
Click here for CathMed.

Dr. Peter Kreeft is one of the most respected and prolific authors of our time. Professor of Philosophy at Boston College, he has written 80 books on philosophy, theology and spirituality. 

Dr. Kreeft's new book is entitled  How to Destroy Western Civilization and other Ideas from the Cultural Abyss. '

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Fr. Joseph Tuscan explains the history, beauty, and truth of the Latin Mass. 

9:19- Why are more people attending Latin Mass?

10:45-Latin mass "Ancient Rite" ties to Saint Francis of Assisi

23:21-The significance of Ad orientem

29:40-Eucharistic ministers 


42:09-Caution against schism

53:44-Why the Latin vernacular? 

1:04-Why pray the rosary

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April 14, 2021

TBTS #226: Arise Recap

Fr. Joseph Tuscan, OFM Cap. and Linda Isaiah join Brooke on location in Cleveland, OH from the Arise retreat.

How do we change our pattern of thinking and allow God's peace to truly rein in our lives? How do we handle grief and suffering in our lives?

Father Tuscan and Linda Isaiah discuss this, and more. 

Susan Brinkmann is a specialist on New Age Spirituality and the Occult. Sue is an author/journalist and Editor of Women of Grace Journal: For Daily Prayer & Reflection. Her latest book Fight Like a Catholic: Spiritual Warfare in the Catholic Tradition is available now.  

Prayer to Our Lady: Tuus sum ego, salvum me fac (I am thine, Holy Virigin, save me).


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