April 3, 2017

Good Things Radio #091: Confessions of a Teen Driver



It's a power-packed episode! Lots of listener feedback about knowing when to move. Stories from across the country from those who have been there, done that. Finding God in the confessional. Listener Katherine experiences her first Reconciliation and Fr. Nathan answers the question of "what exactly is Confession?" 15-year old Gabe is driving for the first time! Tales of life on the road from a driver-in-training. Two book recommendations, gearing up for the #Arise retreat, and more!

Also, "Naming the Unnamed Days of Holy Week." Fr. Mike Schmitz talks about the Sisters of the Holy Eucharist and the way they approach the final days leading up to Easter.

They have a technique for naming the days before Holy Week. We break them down on the program. They are:

Saturday before Palm Sunday: Commitment Saturday.

Sunday: Procession Sunday.

Monday: Extravagance Monday.

Tuesday: Compulsion to completion. Jesus has a fire in him that he is impelled to do the Fath’ers will,

Wednesday: The day of aloneness.

Thursday: The body given.

Friday: Impotence.

Saturday: Night. Darkness of the tomb. Coldness of death.

Sunday: Miracles. That all he did point to this one thing. Our King of Kings. The conqueror of death.


Also, Brooke shared the information about the Jim and Joy show on EWTN. You are invited to call the program and you may be put on-air! The date is: Monday, April 17 from 1-2 CST (that's 2-3 EST). You can call in anytime during that date/time! The number to call is: 205-271-2980 -or- 800-221-9460. You are welcome to leave feedback, ask questions, and be a part of the show!


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