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GTR #197: Transmitting the Light of Faith



On this episode: Special guest Dr. Christian Smith, author of Religious Parenting: Transmitting Faith and Values in Contemporary America shares important insights.

Christian Smith, PhD is the William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Sociology and the University of Notre Dame, the Director of the Global Religion Research Initiative and was the Founding Director of the Center for the Study of Religion in Society. This book is not a how-to for parenting, rather an analysis of scientific data about the importance of parents and faith. Plus, ticket to Arise a pilgrimage to Ireland, and more!


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GTR Episode #186: Abortion Survivor Alex Andrews


October is Respect Life Month. On this episode, Brooke sits down with Alexandra Andrews, survivor of a botched abortion in Russia. Alex shares her powerful testimony of mercy, forgiveness and healing. Plus, Father Nathan is back with a Padre in your Pocket about family mealtime.

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GTR Episode #183: Education and Evangelization


On this episode: Lots of exciting updates coming down the pike. An inside look at "Brooke's House." 

Plus, a special panel of "experts." Moms weigh in on everything from the push to implement gender theory ideology in schools, to defending the faith and raising children to withstand the challenges of the culture. 


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GTR Episode #179- Technology and Bioethics: Questions and Controversies


On this episode: Why speaking up and defending the dignity of the human person is so important, now more than ever. A look inside rapid developments in technology, life sciences and bioethics.

Special guest Timmerie Millington joins us to talk about her experience at the Vita Institute where world-renowned scholars present their findings on a wide range of disciplines, including theology, law, communication and much more. Plus, summer reading and a special Ladies' Day Out event.

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GTR Episode #168: Not So Formulaic with Special Guest Ginny Kochis



On today's show: It's the last episode before pilgrimage! Special guest Ginny Kochis joins us. Ginny is the founder of the website and community Not So Formulaic: Raisng Exceptional Kids Rooted in Extraordinary Love. Ginny talks about her journey as a wife and mom raising differently wired kiddos. Also, how God is using her challenges to help reach other women and build community. Ginny shares fantastic tips to help foster faith in all children along with mass and Lenten resources. Plus, raising money for persecuted Christians in Syria, and much more!

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GTR Episode #148: Equipping the Called

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On this episode: The hilarious habited duo Nun & Nunner! You don't want to miss their story, humor, and heart. Plus, creator and founder of the Catholic Family Crate, Elissa Tripigan joins us to offer words of encouragement to families. Fr. Nathan Cromly talks about how we can heal a hurting Church and so much more!
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GTR Episode #144: One Step at a Time



On today's show: Summer is here! Sharing a few new "Favorite Things." Summer reading, half marathon training, how to stay motivated, and so much more! 


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GTR Episode #120: Pilgrims in the Promised Land

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In this episode: A movie review of "Mark Twain's Journey to Jerusalem: Dreamland." An interview with Executive Producer David Frank about Mark Twain's life changing trip to Europe and the Holy Land. Listener feedback from Samantha about establishing family bedtime routine and doing a nightly Examen. Fr. Nathan Cromly, CSJ has a new Padre in Your Pocket about Purgatory, and much more!


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Good Things Radio Episode #095: Girl Talk with Linda Isaiah


Don't let the title fool you, this show is for men and women alike! Special guest, Pastor Linda Isaiah is back on the program. We talk about time management, setting priorities, and when to let go. Building lasting friendships and realizing that marriage takes work. Listener feedback, honoring Mary in the month of May, a giveaway and much more!


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Good Things Radio #092: Honoring the Galilean Gift-Giver


In this final episode before Easter: 15 Ways to observe Holy Week. Click here for the full article. Special Guest Bobbi Bankovich is in studio to talk about discovering our spiritual gifts. She talks about this survey that helps uncover our particular charisms and how to use them. Exciting news about Arise and bringing you into the retreat in a virtual way. Autism Awareness month, and much more!

Also, Brooke shared the information in episode #091 about the Jim and Joy show on EWTN. You are invited to call the program and you may be put on-air! The date is: Monday, April 17 from 1-2 CST (that's 2-3 EST). You can call in anytime during that date/time! The number to call is: 205-271-2980 -or- 800-221-9460. You are welcome to leave feedback, ask questions, and be a part of the show!


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