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GTR #034 St. Joseph the Janitor

GTR #034 St Joseph the Janitor

In this episode, Brooke welcomes author, speaker, and blogger Lisa Hendey to share an exclusive review of the film "The Letters." Nine ways you can participate in the Jubilee Year of Mercy. Brooke also reflects on the idea of her husband as "St. Joseph, the Janitor" and Godly husbands.  

An update on the “Arise” retreat, and much more!

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GTR #028 A Call to Order

Posted by goodthingsradio in , , Women, priorities, motherhood, retreat

In this episode, Brooke talks about setting priorities putting things back in order. Brooke's mom also suggests a new way of greeting friends by using a technique she learned in the convent. An update on the "Arise" retreat, and much more!

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