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GTR #136: Death Before Death with Special Guest Nic Davidson



In this episode: Holy Week, 2018. Special guest Nic Davidson offers powerful words of wisdom on sacrifical love, adooption, and much more. The significance of the Olive Tree and how it ties in to Holy Week. Last minute preparations for the Arise retreat, and much more!


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GTR Episode: 109: Land of Confusion-The Culture and Human Sexuality with Timmerie Millington

Posted by goodthingsradio in Church, Catholic, Faith, abortion, Birth Control

In this episode:  Special guest Timmerie Millington joins the show to talk about human sexuality, abortion, birth control, and more. Timmerie is the co-host of the nationally syndicated radio program, Trending with Don and Timmerie.

Also, the Back to School Rosary is here! Click here to download. 

Celebrating a birthday, changes in the home and reflections from the beach.

Click here for Arise Retreat event page. Ticket sales will kick off on Friday, August 11 at 3:00pm, EST. Come, Holy Spirit!

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