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GTR #191: Old & New


_albumtemp_10_.jpgOn On this episode:

Bringing back an old "best of" interview from last year. Brother Richard Hendrick from Ireland talks about the power of the human story, the virtue of hope, and what the Irish call "The Thin Place." 

Plus, trying something new. Visiting a Byzantine church and participating in Divine Liturgy. Preparing Gus for Reconciliation. Revisiting the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector (Luke 18:10) with the Jesus Prayer and much more!

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GTR #162: A Quasimodo Christmas


It's the last show of the season! On this special episode of GTR, Fr. Nathan Cromly talks about the significance and symbolism of bells. Kristin Reilly from One Hail Mary at a Time talks about the power of the Holy Rosary. Christmas greetings from Brooke's mom, Joan, and much more!

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GTR Episode #161: Favorite Things Part II

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On this episode, Speaker, writer, and blogger from Raising Lifelong Learners, Colleen Kessler joins us. Colleen shares creative, educational and fun gift ideas for families and kids of all ages. Special guest Katie McIntyre also joins us to talk about Monk Manual. 


All GTR listeners receive a special 10% discount offer from Monk Manual! Use the code: GOODTHINGS. Promo is good until the end of the year! 

Colleen Kessler's Favorite Things List:

Favorite Website for games: ThinkFun

Melissa and Doug Loom

Dixit Board Game

Escape the Room

Royal Roundup -on sale!

Gravity Maze

Barista Rock Candy

Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game

Colleen Kessler's website and podcast, Raising Lifelong Learners.


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GTR Episode #160:Advent Miracles

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On this episode: Listener feedback about a real-life Advent miracle. Brooke's "Favorite Things" -gift ideas and fun finds. Unpacking the "secret" of the Christmas season with a powerful excerpt from the book Reed of God, and much more!


Favorite Things:

You Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds, by David Goggins. 

Combat Rosary

J. Crew City Coat.

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Good Things Radio Episode #159: Keepers of the Light

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On this episode of Good Things Radio: Preparing our hearts for Advent.  Fr. Nathan Cromly talks about the power of a Holy Hour and the significance of silent, holy Adoration. We look at the increasing problem secularism during the holidays and how we may keep the light of Christ during this holy season of Christmas. Celebrating the arrival of Choose Hope, and more!

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GTR Episode #124: The End and the Beginning

In this episode: saying goodbye and preparing for a new beginning. Honoring a dear friend of the show, Pastor Linda Isaiah in the loss of her husband, Pastor Errol Isaiah. How obituaries can teach us how to LIVE. Marking the passage of time as we embrace 2018. Sharing a new "Favorite Thing" and discovering an exciting new exercise routine. Preparing for the Arise retreat, and so much more! 


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GTR Episode #123: Journey to the Holy Land -Part 2

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_albumtemp_2_.jpgIn this episode: Part II of the journey to the Holy Land. Getting locked inside the church of the Holy Sepulchre. Reflecting on the love of God through an unexpected turn of events on pilgrimage. Final thoughts on traveling to Israel. The latest on the Choose Joy Devotional, and more!



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GTR Episode #121: Choose Joy Sneak Peek


In this episode: A special inside look at the new Choose Joy devotional! Special excerpts from the book and new details to preorder. Preparing for Thanksigving with a super tasty recipe from Skinny Taste (here). Why Reconciliation is important during Advent, and much more!


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GTR Episode #120: Pilgrims in the Promised Land

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In this episode: A movie review of "Mark Twain's Journey to Jerusalem: Dreamland." An interview with Executive Producer David Frank about Mark Twain's life changing trip to Europe and the Holy Land. Listener feedback from Samantha about establishing family bedtime routine and doing a nightly Examen. Fr. Nathan Cromly, CSJ has a new Padre in Your Pocket about Purgatory, and much more!


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GTR Episode # 118: Choose Joy

On this episode: {Big News!} A special guest joins Brooke for a major announcement. Fr. Nathan Cromly is back with a "Padre in Your Pocket" about the concept of a desert day. Plus, much more!


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